Mason Jar Herb Garden - Update 2

Re-purposing kimchi jars for more decorative purposes, herb containers.

This project will take a while, at least a month. Check back weekly or so to see their progress.

Step 1: I filled the jars with small stones to help water drainage.

Step 2: I filled the jars with fast draining potting soil to the top curves of the jars.

Step 3: I chose basil, cilantro and mint as the herbs to plant from seeds. Apparently, planting mint from seeds is not recommended, but we will see. I seeded the jars per planting instruction of each type of seed and moistened the soil, with water, just enough to have three dark spots.

Step 4: Lastly, I labeled my jars.

Update 1: It has been barely 4 days, but the basil is sprouting.

Update 2: I was worrying about the mints for nothing. These are peppermints. It has been a week and they sprouted.

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