Olympus XA4

Olympus XA4, originally uploaded by truublooo*.
Recently, I started to shoot film again and I find myself liking the process. Not that I really shot film before. Several years back, and apparently for no good reason, I bought several compact 35mm film cameras. I picked up small cameras with sharp lenses. They went for comparatively few dubloons. Film cameras were available at a discount. I shot a couple of rolls with the Canonet and the Olympus 35SP. I was quite happy with the exercise and left it as that, an exercise.

Flash forward to several years later and several more thousands of digital photos after, I'm now several years older. Nikon now has full-frame digital cameras. Everyone I know upgraded to full-frame Canons or Nikons.

I can't justify upgrading my DSLR, on the other hand. I have a Fujifilm Finepix S5 Pro, with a set of Nikkor lenses, and have been very happy with it. I thought my ability to make beautiful photos does not depend on having a finer camera...I think it was then that I realized I not only have full-frame capability in my 35mm film cameras, I would also have a sexier photo process that goes with it. Now we are talking.

The Olympus XA series was one of the most compact 35mm film cameras made. The one I have is an XA4. The XA4 is the macro version and can focus to a distance of 12". I have a roll of iso800 film in this puppy for a couple weeks. I look forward to finishing off the roll and sharing the photos here.


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