Fly Navy

Fly Navy, originally uploaded by truublooo*.

It was sometime after new year when I noticed blue lights coming from across the bay. I hadn't seen these lights before. For a few days, I thought the additional lighting was because a carrier was not there. On a random night when I was taking evening photos of downtown from Harbor Island, I found out the Navy had installed a new lighted sign.

But of-course, the Navy has a long history here. Back in the day of "Top Gun", "Fightertown USA" was just 10 minutes away in Miramar. Even today, San Diego is home to the US Pacific Fleet. The Navy SEALs Naval Amphibious Base is based in Coronado and Anti Submarine Warfare Command operates right out of Point Loma.

With all the fights we are picking around the world, the Navy probably figures it can use some help recruiting and despite how I feel about our foreign policy, when I see this sign across the bay, I think "good on you. (the Navy)"

If you are going to fly, "FLY NAVY!"

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