Rocky Steps

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After four heavily overcast days in Cleveland, I was very happy to know the sun was good and well in Philadelphia. Approaching Center City on the 76 from the north, one runs into this temple of a building on the east bank of the Schuylkill river. It looked rather official and massive, and it turned out to be the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Though it was sunny, it was very cold. Cold enough for me to use a scarf for the first time in eons. My eyes were tearing in the brisk wind and I was wishing for a pair of goggles.

Come to the Philadelphia Museum of Art any day of the week, but don't come on Monday because they are closed. It is, however, a superb museum and is well worth your time.

The steps leading up the front of the museum is called "Rocky Steps." For those of you not too young to remember, they were the steps Rocky ran up and raised his arms in the Rocky movies. His bronze statue was placed not too far away, to the right of the stairs. There was a line of visitors queueing to take photos with the figure with its arms raised.

It was Monday and to add insult to injury, I had to go. Instead of a warm cup of coffee and the pleasure of the interior of the museum, I had to hurry taking photos of the area outside of the museum in the cold and ran. I ran for the warm hand drawn noodles of Nan Zhou off Race Street and the use of their facilities.

Here is a photo of the "Rocky Steps."


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