Keeping up with the Meases

The party is popping.

Happy birthday 2010/11 Kaniel. Cheers!!!

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Sunday Brunch 2010.12

I have a confession to make, I love the Sunday brunch and my indulgence of choice usually involves seafood and white bubbly of some sorts.

For the second Sunday in as many weeks, I made the trip to the Carlsbad Aqua Farm stand at the Farmer's Market in Hillcrest and spent $10 each on a bag of dozen "blonde" oysters and a bag full of Mediterranean mussels.

I opted for nearly the same choices as last week-end because I wasn't able to get a decent photo out of the whole affair, and wanted to try the shots again this week-end. For this week-end I went with "blonde" rather than "luna" oysters simply because I don't remember how they tasted like. I have had them before. I think it was at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market.

The blondes turned out quite nice. Whereas lunas are "teases," small, delicate, and concentrated in taste not unlike the famed Kumamotos oysters. I found blondes, their slightly larger cousins, entirely more "fun," a party with every piece. On the shucking front, blondes open more readily than lunas. I cannot find fault with this oyster. On the pairing front, I am liking the taste of oysters with sourdough bread big time.

A $10 bag of Mediterranean mussels from Carlsbad Aqua Farm is large enough to make 2 to 4 servings. Mediterranean mussels are black mussels that are, on average, much larger than their Prince Edward Island (PEI) counterparts. The smallest pieces in the bag approach the diminutive size of PEI's. The largest pieces are 5 times as large. To make a quick dish, I steamed them in sake. The smaller and deeper orange color ones turned out very tasty; the larger and lighter color ones not so much.
It's beautiful outside. I'm going to clean up and head out.

Until next time...Cheers!!!

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Angels of Christmas 2010

I'm happy to make this first post about my Angels of Christmas after the blog revamping.

Angels of Christmas

They are of-course my nieces, and I almost broke my back pulling all four of them in a Radio Flyer cart around the garden this afternoon. All the while they were screaming "faster, faster..."

Cheers ;)