Bay Dusk

It must have been just a few minutes past five, but the sun had already sunk beyond the curve of the Great Ocean, its (the sun) remaining light, faintly whispering goodnight.

Afterward I felt alone. I peek through the viewfinder and reached the pier at the long end of the Nikkor 200mm. The water near shore glowed ethereal emerald and blue as if lit by submersible pool lights.

Bay Dusk
The winter sky appeared to amplify time and I could practically see the seconds racing into the past. Just a few frames later and the glow was gone, replaced by total tranquilness. The kind of tranquilness that would deepens as the night wore on. I heard waves crashing ashore for the first time that evening.

El Dorado

Clouds and fog encased coastal San Diego in a dull wrap. That was until about thirty minutes before sun met ocean. Dullness lifted. Sea and land glowed golden in the remaining hour of light, El Dorado.

El Dorado
I stayed perched on the cliff on the slanted slope until there weren't anything left but faint light from the new moon. A chill suddenly washed over me. I carefully extracted myself from the precarious position and head for the parking lot.

Time to called it a night. My mobile read 5:40pm :)!!!

Holiday Photos KVF

My mom, Grandma in this set, often asks if I really have a memory card or film in my camera when I take photos of the family because she hasn't seen the many photos that I take of them at all.

So for this Holiday, I made the concerted effort of photographing the family and made the photos available for them in time to print Holiday cards.

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone for your family portraits and questions. Time flies and we can't stop it, but in photos we have something to hang on to even if memory fades.