35mm Nostalgia

Yesterday I succumbed to my vice and picked up another compact 35mm camera off of eBay. By all practical measures, I do not need it. I already have two excellent compact rangefinders that I'm very happy with, the Olympus 35-SP and the Canonet QL17 GIII. Both are classics in their own rights.

My Rangefinders
Old Witch's Granary*
*I remember how stunned I was looking at the prints from my first roll of film from the Canonet. The color was so vibrant and the overall tone of the photos were so dreamy that had me smiled from ear-to-ear in satisfaction.

But need can be an impractical thing, driven by self-indulgence and when I saw something on the web that sent me googling for a Yashica T4, I suddenly became needy. In the end, I couldn't locate a T4 that I wanted, but in the process I found an Olympus XA4 that was high on my list. The XA4 it is then. One camera comes off my list, another one gets on :( Oh well, desire isn't exactly free and at least it gives me something work toward. Now I'm just hoping I will get the XA4 by the week-end for the City of The Angels, LA.

That was completely useless. I'm going back to the saving the world and that's a wrap :)

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