It's not cross-processed and it has elements of LOMO, push-processing and over-exposing so what else to call it but hyper-processing. Hyper-processing is hyping hyped photos that have hyped attributes such as vignetting, colors, contrast, textures, etc...In the age of Industrial Light & Magic, 300 and LOTR, our visual senses have been trained to perceive hyped-up images as beautiful, dramatic and evocative and images with normal attributes as photo-realistic.

While I normally prefer making photo-realistic images, sometime I do give in to my darker side and on one faithful night stumbled onto hyper-processing :)

Hahaha...now that was hyped. I hope you won't take my hyped-up story too seriously; anywho this photo from a downtown LA. sidewalk was the result of my digital alchemy play and hyper-processing was born.

Hyped but true!!!


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