Hyped-Up LA

Ok, so here are some recent photos from LA all hyped-up!!!

Getaway Car


It's not cross-processed and it has elements of LOMO, push-processing and over-exposing so what else to call it but hyper-processing. Hyper-processing is hyping hyped photos that have hyped attributes such as vignetting, colors, contrast, textures, etc...In the age of Industrial Light & Magic, 300 and LOTR, our visual senses have been trained to perceive hyped-up images as beautiful, dramatic and evocative and images with normal attributes as photo-realistic.

While I normally prefer making photo-realistic images, sometime I do give in to my darker side and on one faithful night stumbled onto hyper-processing :)

Hahaha...now that was hyped. I hope you won't take my hyped-up story too seriously; anywho this photo from a downtown LA. sidewalk was the result of my digital alchemy play and hyper-processing was born.

Hyped but true!!!


Amy & Marcus Engagement Photos LJ 2009.03

Many thanks to Tania for introducing me to Amy & Marcus and many thanks to Amy & Marcus for going along with the plan. The plan was, "Thuan, lets take an engagement set for Amy & Marcus tomorrow afternoon :)" I thought about it for 5 seconds. I hadn't booked a photo-shoot and shot it the next day before. OK I said. Tania is a good friend, Amy & Marcus being Tania's friend, I wanted to do it.

It had been overcast for the past few days so I was a little concerned about the weather, but the day of the shoot confirmed the previous day's weather report, plenty of sunshine, lucky us.

There wasn't anything not to like about shooting in La Jolla (Spanish explorers didn't named La Jolla "La Jolla" for nothing), except for when I thought I had forgotten the batteries for the camera. Luckily I found the spare in a different pocket of my bag.

Click, click...off we go. Amy & Marcus had great chemistry and I was focused on the great dynamics between them. Tania was super helpful with the reflector during the early parts of the session when the sun was still bright. Tania also helped Amy with her hair, etc...

We spent between an hour-and-a-half to two hours at different locations around La Jolla at the beach, at the park and by the pier making the shots.

I had a great time and I'm pretty happy with the way the photos came out.

Congratulations Amy & Marcus and thank-you for the opportunity to shoot your engagement session.

Thanks Tania, you were awesome too.

PS: I'm also debuting the Flickr slide show!!! Please click "Play" to begin.