Kim-Phuong & Bryan Wedding 2008.07

congratulations to kim-phuong and bryan on tying the knot on 07.27.2008. a big thank to the newly wed couple for choosing fotografiablu as their wedding photojournalist.

they picked in the hacienda a beautiful venue located near the cultural center of orange county, in santa ana. i had previewed the location a few weeks before and liked the outdoor patio ceremony and dining area arrangement a lot when i saw them.

on wedding day, the weather was on the warm side. fifteen minutes into the job and my shirt had already soaked through.

contrasting lighting during the ceremony from the late afternoon sun dappling through tall trees and roof structures proved to be a handfull as the bridal party passed through the small courtyard on their way to the stage.

we took advantage of a small break between the cake-cutting and dinner to take some formal photos of the bride and groom by themselves in front of the hacienda marquis door.

dinner followed by a fantastic performance put on by stevie b. and the band complete with afros who showed us all how to get *down* :) bryan warned us the band would be loud, but it appeared that no one minded.

once again, congratulation kim-phuong and bryan. may your lives together be fill with countless laughters and endless happy moments.


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