Vicki & Andrew

I was taken by their amazing eyes. Even from across the street they glowed like precious turquoise. We had not met in person, but their eyes easily gave them away.

I barely had time to figure out my lighting when Vicki & Andrew gave me wonderful candid opportunities such as the one in the photo above. Click, click...focus wasn't even quite on but this turned out to be one of my favorite photo in the set.

Congratulation Vicki & Andrew on tying the knot just earlier this June (2008).

Good Eats

good eats and drinks are certainly some of the greatest delights in life. often it's not even about the dishes themselves, but about how you get there, where you have them and who you share them with.

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thanks to or blame it on television shows like anthony bourdain's no reservations, more than ever, food is something we experience rather than simply consume.

how lucky we truly are those of us who have the fortunes of experiencing food made with love whether from commercial kitchens or home kitchens. and to that, i can think of no better way to applaud my favorite chefs than turning their savory arts into photographic delights.


on photo session week-end i missed khalana on saturday, but was lucky enough to catch her on sunday...

we shot at a park and then moved onto the pier. the sun was contrasty, and while there were a few decent shots for our effort at the park, i like the set in hb a lot better.

needless to say, khalana made my task easy...

thank-you for stopping by, cheers!!!