pier rendez vous

this past week-end was a wonderful week-end to photograph portraits outdoor, indoor, any-door albeit warm. it was 36.5c at 1:30 pm in rancho santa margarita when i was returning to my parents' place after a lengthy haircut in little saigon.

the night before, i went to a concert in la. before that i had photo-session by the pier in san clemente. before that i drove up from san diego to stay in oc for the week-end.

the drive through camp pendleton between oceanside and the check-point near san onofre is nice this time of year. the scorched earth from last year's fire have been replaced by lush green vegetation with blankets of gold and purple wild flowers.

the area around san clemente pier was beautiful. i stopped in on it on my way to my parents'. i continued on smiling ear-to-ear and started to look forward to the afternoon's engagment photo-session with growing excitement.

with only a slight delay, the afternoon session started about 30 mins later than i had scheduled it. but it didn't matter, there was plenty of daylight left for a couple hours worth of work.

i could not have asked for a better couple to photograph this afternoon than mike & elizabeth. they are as nice and wonderful to work with as they are beautiful.

this couple first met on this very pier so we chose it as the location for the enagement photo-session. lets just look:

i hope you will enjoy the photos as much as i have enjoyed making them.

for now, it's a wrap...
good night from la jolla, california.

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