sunset at eucalyptus grove

if streets were ever aptly named, this one definitely qualifies. follow westbound i8 on the southern border of mission bay in san diego until it turns into sunset cliffs blvd. and you get exactly that, tall sheer cliffs perching high above where water meets land plunging steeply into the pacific, providing for a good mile of vantage point from which to watch the sunset from.

Eucalyptus Grovedriving through ocean beach on the two lanes road was like driving through a vintage california surf-culture documentary. the kind of film we used to watch when i was in high-school during pe. when it rained outside. ob is kinda hippy. bohemian a colleague from work described it. strangely, it felt like familiar territory.
Catching the Sunset
there was a reason i came this way. i was looking for an apartment for possible future rental. my lease on my tiny studio will be up soon. it would already be 6 mos. i'm ready for a new pad.

i must have missed the turn. i will have to look for it on the way back. for now, lets see where the road goes. past the unstable-sheer-cliff warning signs, past the million dollars mansions the road climbs moderately for about a hundred yards then turns right into a dirt parking lot. i have arrived at sunset cliffs park, the end of the road.

come to sunset cliff park when the sun set to witness an amazing view. even without a compass one can be certain the park faces directly west as the sun goes down at near the middle of one's field of view, straight out the pacific. and when you get here, take out the camera and take a few snapshots because when you return home and you want to remember it again and again you could.

the end!

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