introducing kimberly...
this photo-set isn't from a new photo session. it's from one i have made sometime ago that i haven't blogged. we shot nearly all day that day, at the pool, in laguna beach, and by the beach. kimberly changed her outfit several times for a variety of looks. it was by far one of the longest session i had attempted up to then.

kimberly was a 2005 miss vietnam little saigon contestant. she was easy to work with as she go through her poses without much input from me. these are a few of my favorite photos from that session, one from each setting.
the first two photos (top and left) were taken in kimberly's backyard. it was around noon and the sky was brightly overcast. on this occassion, i made rare use of a reflector. a reflector is my fill of choice, however, more often than not, i find myself taking photos without an assistant and as consequent without a reflector.

we spent a good portion of the afternoon in the back of the house. kimberly was in blue by the pool. then she was in white by the flowers. then she was in white in front of the pool. sometime between the house and the late afternooon in laguna beach, we break for lunch at plums.

the third photo in thumbnail was taken between the small boutiques and shops in laguna. by the time we hit the beach, the sun had broken through the fog and clouds and glowed mesmerized gold, no fill required :)!!!

photographers' best light...


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