in the (monterey) park

the week-end was going to be a cloudy if not rainy one. this we all had known from the weather forecast about a week in advance. just a few days before the saturday afternoon of our shoot, kp asked if we would canceled if it will rain. my thought was, if it would rain we will put on our rain coats.

i had a photoshoot with kp about 6 mos earlier. my, how time flies. in that session she had jeans and a nice top on and we shoot all the photos around her house. i thought the results were pretty un-remarkable, but when she saw the photos, it was clear that she had thought a lot more of them than i did.

she told me what she liked and what she didn't like about the photos. she likes the close-ups. i like the more environmental ones. the ones that incorporate more of the surrounding into the composition of the photos.

when you have time, lets shoot again i invited kp. ok! when i'm not so busy she said. i made mental notes of our conversation and her preference for the close-ups.

an employment change for her, an apt change for me, a xmas, and a new year later...i revisitted with kp in moterey park for photo session #2. it was almost a pity that the rain gave way to late afternoon sunshine at the wind-blown park when we arrived. i would have like to incorporate the rain into our photos.

the park wasn't my first choice for a shooting location. i had wanted to photograph kp in a more urban or modern setting. the park was quite unassuming and lacked any structures of real interest. the time constraint prevented me from suggesting that we take a drive to a different location. the late afternoon traffic in la. would not have been forgiving.

luckily, a quick jostle of memory reminded me that kp likes intimate close-ups versus enclosing environmental shots...the park would do :)

here are some photos that are representative of what we came up with that afternoon.


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