i went to the "orange cirle" in old town orange, california, where chapman meets glassell that sunday.

i have always like this area since the first time i saw it when i went to cafe felix for cuban food.

it was an overcast day. i had a few hours to myself before meeting up with friends and head up to la. to meet with more friends for dinner so i thought i would explore the surroundings of this circle, looking for possible location for future photography projects.

Characterit was toward the end of my walk, that this man caught my attention. i was standing there, taking in the sights, when seemed out of no where, he pulled up and effortlessly set this large table down outside an antique furniture shop in the circle. that's cool i thought. and just as suddenly as he appeared, he was gone. arghhhh...where did he go? while i lamented not having taken a photo of him, he reappeared. this time with boxes under his arm.

The Transporterah...i got it. he was making repeated trips transporting antique furnitures between several shops within the circle to show to prospective buyers.

on a couple of those trips, i was lucky enough to capture these memorable shots of him, and everytime i look at them, they prompt me to ask "what is character?"


jp Exposure said...

That is incredible that guy carrying that table!! WOW!! How have you been??? I might be moving to OC again...maybe....we should go get some photos! =] Have you done a wedding yet?? I took some for fun last weekend...did you get the photo slideshow program from David? I looked at your photo albums with music they are great!

blu said...

Hi Jenn...It has been indeed a while. It's awesome to hear from you.

I had a friend's wedding, and another one last week since we last met. I will try to post some photos here soon.

Did you have fun shooting at the wedding? I look forward to seeing your photos too.

Yeah...I did get the slideshow program from DJ shortly after the workshop. It's very handy.

Write to you again soon.