sweet december

i photographed this newly-wed-couple back in late december of last year. the christmas rush was in full swing, but they were generous enough to spend a few hours with me on the grounds of my old university, the california state university at long beach, pretty much for my own benefits, out of the generosity of their own hearts.

i was just sizing up the old school turf, gauging the lighting, and took a few shots, when the new groom broke one of his sandals. remember i'm in southern california so we can wear open toes almost all year round.

bummer, and right then, i thought of one of the must-have's that may not be obvious when going on a photo session. beside back-up photography equipments, one would also need...yup, back-up shoes ;)

i'm finishing up their slideshow of the photos taken on that day, and as soon as i finish, i will post it here.

the week-end is upon us, have a great one...

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