car wash

my car was so filthy i took it to the car wash during lunch today. i stopped by coffee factory to pick up a small sandwich and my customary double-shot vietnamese coffee, then head to my usual car wash.

as i was waiting for my car, this red lambo out of you-know-where pulled up to thunderous roar of the quad exhaust.

surprisingly, everyone was so non-chalant about it including myself that a few minutes ticked away before acting cool, i took the camera out of my bag and sneaked a couple shots.

it was so beautiful outside's friday. have a great week-end!!!

fab foursome

jenn of jpexposure were sharing some of her four's with friends via email.

below are mine. what are yours?

four jobs:
1. shirt press operator ; )
2. shoes salesman
3. bicycle tech
4. console game programmer!!!

four movies:
1. office space
2. ronin
3. ghostbusters
4. the matrix

four places i have lived:
1. saigon, vn
2. east coast, malaysia
3. caen, france
4. the oc !!!

four shows:
1. csi - vegas, ny
2. no reservation w/ bourdain
3. 24
4. iron chefs

four vacation places:
1. italy 2005
2. tba
3. tba
4. tba

four food:
1. sushi
2. pastas/noodles/udon/soba
3. yakitori
4. rare steaks

four places i would rather be:
1. paris, france
2. tokyo, japan
3. saigon (hcm city), vn
4. prague? budapest???!!!


studio lighting

i like to photograph people in their environment, but i found my lack of studio lighting experience limitting, so a few weeks ago i attended a studio lighting workshop given by maura lanahan.

(here, maura was going over the finer points of studio lighting when a friendly fellow offered his hound for use in our photoshoot, making for an action shot opportunity.)

maura is very knowledgeable, personable and effective. i found the workshop very informative, and immediately useful. it has also enhanced my desire to incoporate commercial photography into my portfolio.

happy sunday everyone ;)!!!

island blues

i heard koop for the first time at my buddy rick pizza dinner a couple nights ago, and like them immediately. rick sent me some of their tracks, and i can relate to this one the best, except for may be the "too young" part ;( !!! i can sit and listen to it all day long. it's called island blues and this is how it goes:

hello my love
it's getting cold on this island
i'm sad alone
i'm so sad on my own
the truth is
we were much too young (proud)
now i'm looking for you
or anyone like you

(i've never) we said goodbye
with (my swollen) the smile on our faces face
now you're alone
you're so sad on your own
the truth is
we ran out of time
now you’re looking for me
or anyone like me

na na na na…

hello my love
it's getting cold on this island
i'm sad alone
i'm so sad on my own
the truth is
we were much too young
now i'm looking for you
or anyone like you

(ane brun)

so kiss me...

i have completed the photo album for the newlyweds in my previous post.

i titled it "so kiss me" cos, they were sweet like that ;)

check it out...cheers!!!

sweet december

i photographed this newly-wed-couple back in late december of last year. the christmas rush was in full swing, but they were generous enough to spend a few hours with me on the grounds of my old university, the california state university at long beach, pretty much for my own benefits, out of the generosity of their own hearts.

i was just sizing up the old school turf, gauging the lighting, and took a few shots, when the new groom broke one of his sandals. remember i'm in southern california so we can wear open toes almost all year round.

bummer, and right then, i thought of one of the must-have's that may not be obvious when going on a photo session. beside back-up photography equipments, one would also need...yup, back-up shoes ;)

i'm finishing up their slideshow of the photos taken on that day, and as soon as i finish, i will post it here.

the week-end is upon us, have a great one...

happy camper

i'm always trying to look at the bright side of things, because there are just simply too many things in the day that can bring me down if i choose to wallow them.

today i choose to be happy because i had a food photography assignment over the week-end that went better than i expected, despite a week full problems at my corporate job and some heavy introspection on my part.

i'm ok, you're ok!!!