i count myself among the fortunate daily commuters who do not have to be at work by a specific time in the morning. of-course, not having to leave work at the end of the day in the twilight is also nice, but that wouldn't be right. there ought be certain balance in life.

what that amounts to is i stumble into work between 9 am and 10 am, and leave around...well, well after most of the people i work with have gone home.

i'm usually very ambitious at the beginning of the day, thinking i will do all these chores i pile-up for myself to do after work, but more often than not, i'm so low on energy by the time i leave work that everything, even the ride home is a blur...

...yup, by about now it's nevermind-the-sport-car, give me something cushy with just the stop and the go button ;) !!!

omg, you wouldn't believe how many miles i put on my car just around the oc. try 30k miles, but that's another blog entry.

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Jacquie Van Tichelt said...

Hey! You didn't give my your blog address! Guess what I found you anyway LOL! I am good at finding things on line! So you better watch out!

Just kidding. I really like this photo, I like the blur.