the pianist

this past sunday i went to my cousin's for my niece's birthday. i haven't seen them in a while so i made the effort to be a good uncle to my nieces and nephew, cousin to my cousins, nephew to my aunt and uncle, brother to my sister, son to my mother and father, and grand son to my grand mother and show up. that's a tall order.

as usual there were a lot of food, but food under incandescent light don't usually look very good so i forego the food blogging attempt altogether to save myself the frustration of post processing so i can sleep a little sooner later.

the surprise highlight of the evening was an impromptu performance eric put on the piano. now i have heard eric played before. as a matter of fact, he serenaded my cousin during their wedding, but was i ever impressed this past sunday. i was completely floored by what he was able to do from memory. he doesn't even play that much any more.

on post-processing, as i was flipping through the photos, i noticed how the consecutively shot photos of eric playing the piano would fit well in a slideshow.

it takes another 15 minutes for me to select a song that resembled what eric played, and another 15 minutes to put the slideshow together and toss it on the web. by the way, i apologize for not able to embed the slideshow in this blog. for some reasons, my server doesn't seem to want to serve the content to pages on a different domain.

i added the soundtrack to enhance your viewing experience, but i can assure you eric is up to and above the level of performance of the soundtrack.

eric is the father of my nieces, the husband of my cousin, and i supposed that makes us cousin-in-law.

we went to the same high school together the three of us...they were high school sweet hearts.

ja mata...

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