oh i need a beer right bout now...

by late afternoon, i'm usually pretty beat up at work and once daily operation matters have calmed down, i'm ready for a beer.

if i come to work early enough, i could usually leave work and enjoy a couple cold ones with friends at happy-hour before heading home or seeing some other friends for dinner.

well, my office drinking buddies have moved on, one to a new consulting company, and one got let-go.

the circumstance in which the later left was unfortunate. he is my friend. i was his supervisor. for performance and attendance reasons, he was let go by my boss, our third friend ;( !!! ahhhh, how to feel???

so no happy hours for me this past couple weeks, and this evening was the same. i came home to an already opened bottle of "cab," which is an entirely different experience than hanging out with the buddies at the local bar.

in the former, the gratification has to be delayed, i.e. the drive home, and the glasses of reds consumed more thoughtfully as i reflect over the day, while in the later, the gratification is instant as the pints go down rather quickly and most importantly, one is not by oneself and laugh the day away.

i need new happy-hours buddies. until next time, ching ching ;)


Jacquie Van Tichelt said...

sounds good to me!

Jacquie Van Tichelt said...

Sorry about your friends...being an office manager myself I can totally relate those how to feel feelings.