dim sum

dim sum are beautiful chinese small dishes that are enjoyed over lunch that often get paraded in front of the guests in small carts until someone decides to save them from the go around, and take them off the carts and put them in their tummies.

wysiwyg lunching, you take what you like and pay for what you eat. and i don't mean you see the dishes, order them, and the waiter brings them out of kitchen a few minutes later. you actually take the dishes off the cart and eat them. it's a revolving sushi bar with out the sushi and conveyor belt, omakase dinning on wheels ;P

that said i realized from my recent outing to a local dim-sum restaurant that of all the decent restaurants in little saigon, there isn't a decent dim sum restaurant among them.

my favorite dim sum restaurant in town is actually more or less, a deli that offer dim sum to-go. it's true. i find their dim sums to be the freshest and tastiest in town.

i used to stop in on them from work and bring some back to my friend at the office who was always too busy to go out. i haven't been back in a while, and i don't even know the name of the place, but they are located in a small plaza at the south-east corner of brookhurst and bushard in little saigon. come early for the best selection. they usually sell-out of the most popular items by noon. drop in on them when you are in the neighborhood and see what you think.


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Jacquie Van Tichelt said...

Next time I am there visiting my friend...you need to take us here. Sounds nummy for your tummy!!